What is CORE?

CORE For Individual Bookings & Groups


CORE-TA is a comprehensive software solution for tour operators and incoming agencies. It automates the entire booking process, connecting clients with local suppliers such as hotels and taxi services, thus streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency. With CORE-TA, clients can create itineraries online and submit them for verification before they are sent to suppliers for confirmation. Let’s break down its key features and functionalities.

What CORE-TA Offers

Workflow Efficiency

  • Automatic Itineraries: Clients can build their own travel packages, minimizing manual work.
  • Agents Quotes: Agents have the flexibility to further customize trips, adding a personal touch.
  • Auto Reservations: After payment, CORE-TA automates supplier confirmations, saving time and resources.

Reliability and Scalability

Built on modern technology stacks like Laravel, MySQL, PHP, and JS, CORE-TA is scalable and reliable.

Third-Party Integrations

  • If you already have a quoting system, you can integrate it with CORE-TA.
  • Payment gateway integrations like Stripe and Flywire are also available.

Client and Supplier Portals

  • Clients have access to all their travel documents in a unified portal.
  • Suppliers can confirm or reject reservations and update rates, all through their dedicated portal.

Best Practices and Support

CORE-TA offers 6 months of set-up support and optional ongoing IT development.

How It Works

The Process Flow

  1. Leads: Clients generate quotes directly in the Reservation Module.
  2. Bookings: Agents can follow up on these quotes or create new ones.
  3. Payments: Payment is integrated with any payment gateway offering API support.
  4. Reservations: With a simple click, reservations are confirmed.


  • Supplier Portal: Suppliers can manage reservations, check invoices, and even update their rates.
  • Client Portal: All necessary travel documents and information are stored here for client access.

Why Choose CORE-TA?

Comprehensive Features

From quoting to booking management, everything is integrated.


Built on mainstream and easy-to-maintain technologies, the software is highly scalable.

Consultancy and Support

CORE-TA provides guidance on setting up the system to meet your organizational needs and offers robust support for issue resolution.

Admin Control

Complete control over settings, along with data import and export features, are provided.

Additional Features

  • Token login for added security
  • Linked services like transfers and luggage transfers can be auto-confirmed
  • Multi-currency support
  • Future plans for more booking allocation features and bed bank integrations in 2024

In a nutshell, CORE-TA aims to significantly reduce manual work, make processes more efficient, and enable tour operators to focus on customer service and business growth. Its automation features make the booking process smoother for both clients and agents, while its scalability ensures it can adapt to growing business needs.