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Say goodbye to repetitive work! Let CORE-TA take care of the booking flow from A to Z. With CORE-TA. Your client can build their Itineraries online and submit them to your reservation team. After a quick check, the booking is automatically submitted to your suppliers for confirmation. If there is no availability, CORE-TA will swap the suppliers. At the end of the chain, your client will find their travel documents in the Client Portal and go on their best holidays.

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Workflow Perfection

Since the advent of the net, No other industry has changed like the Travel industry. Clients want more personalised and in-depth experiences. Meanwhile, they also want more control over the products they buy. They want to get the information, decide and book. This resulted in complex processes, putting more pressure on staff and on the Organisation for the excellence of delivery.


reduction of Payroll in relation to Turnover


Your Turnover without increasing work


Suppliers handled managed without a sweat


Quotes a week without Agents creating quotes

Fast, simple and Efficient

Reliable 24/7

Automatic Itineraries

CORE-TA includes a unique client-to-supplier package building system.

Agents Quotes

Agents have also access to client-to-supplier package building system and can customize the trips even more.

Auto Reservations

Once the Client has paid. CORE-TA Operation module takes over getting supplier confirmations for you.

3rd party API

If you have already a Quoting System in-house, you can send directly the product to CORE-TA for reservation.

Client Portal

Your clients have access to their travel documents when they are ready!

Supplier Portal

Your suppliers have Access to their reservations: Confirm/Reject, Review, add Rate, see invoices.

System driven flow

Committed To Provide the best to your Agents

Automate! Your clients start the process of booking, CORE takes overs. Your Agents are here to facilitate the flow.

We Follow Best Practices

Using Laravel as a platform, CORE-TA is developed in the most common and reliable technologies: MySQL, PHP and JS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CORE-TA is an ALL-INTEGRATED, Tour operator / Incoming software.

It helps your company link directly clients with local suppliers (hotels and taxi).

The suppliers do not even need a API ot a management software. You can just give them a direct access to CORE-TA and they can confirm and download report, without help of your agents.

We have developed CORE-TA, because, after 15 years of research, we could not find any such a solution on the market that satisfied us.

CORE-TA is an all-integrated Tour Operator system. From Sales, Operations to invoicing.

CORE-TA is yours once you purchase it.

CORE-TA has a one-time cost, including 6-month set-up support.

We can also offer IT developement team to continue delopping or supporting thereafter.

However, we believe that CORE-TA is complete, if following certain processes.